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This account is pretty much dead, so I'm shutting it down in 30 days. You can find me for the time being on Twitter and Facebook, and more-or-less forever at my personal site.

If you're still here and have a public presence on a different network or a personal blog and want to stay in touch, I'd be grateful if you let me know in the comments so I can friend you / add you to my reading list.

Thanks, and it's been a lovely ten years on LJ.

- m
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Hub on Wheels - Help us Bridge the Digital Divide

Alison and I have put together a bike team for this Sunday's Hub On Wheels ride -- the biggest city-sponsored bicycle event in Boston. We're riding to benefit the Boston Digital Bridge Foundation, a fantastic program in Boston Public Schools that helps low-income parents and kids learn about information technology and purchase subsidized computers for use in the home.

I taught a similar program a couple of years ago in a community center here in Cambridge, and I can attest to the fact that it makes a huge difference in parents' engagement with their kids' education and use of the Internet. One of my students, a grandfather who had never even touched a computer before, used Wikipedia and MS Word to make flashcards to teach his granddaughters Amharic. A mother of five who never finished high school googled math lessons so that she could help her daughter with her homework. Families were absolutely giddy with excitement when we delivered the computers that they had earned through several weeks of coursework and collaborative projects.

I believe strongly in this cause, and I hope you can help us with it. Please donate if you're so inclined. We'll do the 30 mile route, as I'll be taking it easy thanks to my recent accident. But I'll make sure to post lots of pictures, especially since they'll be closing down one of the major city thoroughfares for the ride. :)

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Summer, Marriage, etc.

The complete lack of updates has been mostly due to
  1. a busy summer, wherein I spent a lot of time desperately trying to finish my work at Amazon, see as much of Seattle as possible, and help plan a wedding . . .

  2. . . . the start of my fall semester at school, which looks to be not quite as bad as last spring but still quite a bit of work, and . . .

  3. . . . THE WEDDING OMGWTFBBQ, which happened this past weekend.

canongrrl, our kickass photographer and friend, already has teasers (part 1, part 2) for the wonderful shots she and nepenthe01 took of the ceremony and the reception. For those of you who took photos yourselves, there's also a Flickr pool where you can share.

Overall, things went remarkably smoothly, with a few hitches (such as %90 of the guests getting lost on the way up to Maine). I had a fantastic time, and was so happy that most people seemed to as well. I'm just sorry we couldn't have invited more! Major thanks to my groomsmen raphrat and XyD, and our friends nannyo, curiouserg, jennaflower, rahl, djiggyson, karynlu, .joe., kochansky, krista__, the_siobhan, the_axel, cris, silentq, sui66iy, and sundaygray for making the (confusing) trip up.

And, of course, hugs to my lovely wife jin_aili. Holy crap, I can't believe it's finally said and done. Now the *really* fun part begins. :)

Anyway, yes. Hope all is well with y'all. I'll be flickrfying some leftover bits from Seattle and posting them here, and I'll also post a link when canongrrl has the digital album up.
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